To do what I’ve done in favour of Merchant Marine College in Rio de Janeiro and in favour of the traditions of the Merchant Marine was already a pleasure by itself, because I was just returning to these institutions everything what I’ve received from them. To have my work noted to the point to have been indicated to the Tamandare Merit was a reward never dreamed. But, to have been awarded with the Tamandare Merit Medal was the unexpected glory, because I competed with other personalities with much more marine time than me, the “old pals”. Meanwhile, any glory last short and the prize, more than glory and pride, brought me incentive to continue more and more dedicated to do relevant services to the Brazilian Navy and to the recovering and maintaining of Brazilian Merchant Marine traditions. It came to my mind, then, the idea to build this web site to broadcast my work and to make it available, to whom it may concern, opinions, interviews, relevant facts and historic data of both.

Guests, your special attention to the section Alegrete Magazine, where I saved most of the published Alegrete. It will be particularly interesting to the ones that do not have their class Year Book anymore and to the ones interested to know other classes’ magazines.

Fernanda Letícia Silva – Dec 13, 2006